Top 10 Survival Skills You Need to Know

Top 10 Survival Skills You Need to Know Subscribe TIMESTAMPS BELOW! Do you have survival skills that could save your life? In a worst case scenario, anyone could benefit from possessing certain must-have survival skills like how to build a signal fire, how to perform DIY first aid and how to find food and water.

WatchMojo looks at the top 10 wilderness survival skills you should learn now to give you an idea of how to survive in the wild.

00:57 #10: How to Attract Attention with a Signal Fire

02:02 #9: How to Keep Up Your Dental Hygiene

03:10 #8: How to Tie a Bowline

04:13 #7: How to Find Your Way by Day or by Night (Without a Compass)

05:31 #6: How to Perform DIY First Aid

06:48 #5: How to Make a Spear to Catch Animals / Food

07:46 #4: How to Find Food

08:55 #3, #2 & #1??? Watch on

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My Survival Kit Outdoor Gear

Gear List & Sources:

Water: TOAKS 450ml –…

TOAKS 600ml Pot – 15x15cm

Stainless Wire Mesh – Chlorine Dioxide Water

Purification Tablets – 4x Stainless Steel Tent Pegs Cotton

Bandana Char Tin ( .22 Air Rifle Pellet Tin)

Fire: BE-X Firesteel –

BCB Stormproof Matches –

Wilderness Solutions Amber Fire-Piston –

Fire Steel – Pencil Sharpener Fatwood Pine Resin

Magnifying Glass Knife: Ka-bar Becker BK-7 – (Custom work by DobermanKnives – –

First Aid Kit: Anti-septic wipes TCP Antiseptic Liquid Crepe Bandages Band-aids Steri-strips Signal Mirror Tweezers Needle & Thread 20m of Duct Tape Oxytetracycline Silva Field Compass – Backpack: WiSport Sparrow 20L Gear Cases:

PVC Pencil Cases ———————————— Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and recreational camping.


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