My Survival Kit Outdoor Gear

Gear List & Sources:

Water: TOAKS 450ml –…

TOAKS 600ml Pot – 15x15cm

Stainless Wire Mesh – Chlorine Dioxide Water

Purification Tablets – 4x Stainless Steel Tent Pegs Cotton

Bandana Char Tin ( .22 Air Rifle Pellet Tin)

Fire: BE-X Firesteel –

BCB Stormproof Matches –

Wilderness Solutions Amber Fire-Piston –

Fire Steel – Pencil Sharpener Fatwood Pine Resin

Magnifying Glass Knife: Ka-bar Becker BK-7 – (Custom work by DobermanKnives – –

First Aid Kit: Anti-septic wipes TCP Antiseptic Liquid Crepe Bandages Band-aids Steri-strips Signal Mirror Tweezers Needle & Thread 20m of Duct Tape Oxytetracycline Silva Field Compass – Backpack: WiSport Sparrow 20L Gear Cases:

PVC Pencil Cases ———————————— Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and recreational camping.


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